Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Out Today: Birds of Prey #20

Birds of Prey #20 hit the shelves today.  It continues the story of Mister Freeze and the Talons and Starling's betrayal and a whole bunch of stupid things I don't care about.  I don't think I can follow this book anymore.  I can't tell if Christy Marx is being force-fed this story by the editors who want to keep the Court of Owls up front or if it's her decision, but it really drags the book down to sixth rate Batman spin-off and kills any suspense.

Maybe I'll do an in-depth review this weekend, but maybe I'll just watch television.


  1. I know what you mean.
    Ive followed the BoP since day one and forever will, but since the reboot its gone off the boil.
    I miss Dinah and Babs' friendship, and this new iteration is just confusing....they seem more colleagues than close friends, and Im not sure they even know each others secret identities.
    I don't mind the Starling betrayal as I kinda expected it from the beginning [and I don't like the character anyway, she just shoots guns is all] and the Owls ongoing plot does provide a sort of continuing saga of sorts.
    We haven't seen a decent Babs/Dinah friendship since ish 100 of the first volume of BoP; the second volume was just poor imo, and Simone just didn't have the same 'clout' with her female team as she used to have - strange, that.
    And as much as I like Batgirl, for me she was always best as Oracle alongside Dinah.

  2. Thanks for the response, karl. I agree with everything you said. The ambiguousness of Dinah and Babs' friendship is really disappointing, but pretty much everything about Dinah is ambiguous in the New 52. Earlier current series, Batman treated Black Canary like a fugitive, and even called her reckless, only permitting to operate because Batgirl vouched for her. But we've seen no friendship or connection or reason to trust from those two.

    Also, the original Birds of Prey partnership by Dixon and then Simone had a reason to operate. You knew where they stood and what purpose they served. This team has no mission statement, no reason.