Monday, June 10, 2013

Canary Comics for September '13


September will be Villains Month for DC Comics.  Along with the launch of the "Forever Evil" event, every one of DC's occasionally-fifty-two regular series will be usurped by spotlight issues on Batman's the company's many villains.

Forever Evil promotional art (and possibly first cover) by David Finch.

There won't be an issue of Birds of Prey in September, nor will there be an issue of Animal Man, or Supergirl, or Nightwing, or any of the other middle to low-range selling books.  Instead there will be four Batman books (note that's the self-titled Batman series; there will also be four issues of Detective Comics, four of Batman & Robin, and four of Batman: The Dark Knight for a total of sixteen Caped Crusader foils to focus on).  There will be plenty of Justice League villain books, Superman villain books, Green Lantern villain books, etc.  Even Green Arrow gets subverted for Count Vertigo that month, and all two of Aquaman's rogues gallery get the star treatment in September.

Somewhere in all those villain spotlights, there may be an appearance of or reference to Black Canary and the Birds of Prey, but I doubt it.  I hope, by then, writer Christy Marx has dropped Mister Freeze and the Court of Owls and taken the Birds in her own creative direction not handed down by editorial decree.  But I doubt that, too.

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