Monday, July 22, 2013

Black Canary to Appear in CW's ARROW Season 2

I assumed there would be no significant Black Canary news to come out of San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, but I was wrong.  The teaser trailer for the second season of CW's popular Arrow TV series premiered and features the first in-costume appearance of Black Canary.

Check out the full trailer below.  Or jump ahead to 2:27 mark to the Canary kicking ass.

More surprising than the appearance of Black Canary in costume was the identity of the actress who would suit up.  Regular viewers who know the characters have expected Oliver's friend Dinah "Laurel" Lance to eventually become Black Canary, since, y'know, that's who she is in the comics.  Laurel has been a regular part of the show since the beginning, played by actress Katie Cassidy.

This Black Canary, though, will be portrayed by Caity Lotz.  

As fans were rightfully confused by this turn, Zap2It reached out to Arrow's show runners and got the scoop on who this character is and what this might imply for the future of Laurel.

I still have never seen an episode of this show, but I might have to start if Black Canary becomes a regular fixture of the series.  Hell, I'd even check it out just to see Bronze Tiger debut in Season 2!


  1. You should definitely watch Arrow - smashing show, with some incredible stunts and special effects.
    The show is similar in tone to 'Smallville' in some ways.
    We are currently watching reruns of season one here in the UK, and tonights ep features the Huntress!
    Brilliant news that our girl BC will appear in the new series, just pity it isn't Katie Cassidy...

  2. I only saw one episode of SMALLVILLE, the "Absolute Justice" one with Hawkman, Doctor Fate and Stargirl. I thought it was decent. And ARROW does look good; in fact, a good friend of mine said it's great and that I would especially like it. I'm not avoiding the show… I'm just not seeking it out, and that's true of most TV now. I just don't watch a lot of television anymore, and the shows I do follow, I wait until they're on DVD or something and collect them that way.

    I'm sure I'll get into ARROW at some point, but it might be a little bit.