Monday, February 17, 2014

Looking Ahead for Flowers & Fishnets

I may have given up on the New 52 but I haven't quit on DC in general or Black Canary in particular. Something I did over the holidays was finally compile a list of Black Canary's appearances in everything from Birds of Prey one-shots to Green Arrow annuals to World's Finest backups; from her own short-lived ongoing series to her numerous revised origin stories.  Since Christmas I've begun aggressively searching out these issues in comic stores and online.

For most of the first year of this blog I was without a working printer-scanner, so I depended on digital comics and pre-existing Google images to fill the coffers of my reviews.  Thing is, there ain't a whole lot of Black Canary material on ComiXology.  Since I got the ol' scanner working, nothing can stop me from blogging every appearance of the Blonde Bombshell except for a) money,  and b) an inability to dig up some of the more rare issues of Action Comics.

From Injustice: Gods Among Us Annual #1.
Art by Bruno Redondo.

I'm really excited about the content I'll be sharing starting in the next couple weeks.  New series and new daily features will keep me busy and keep you entertained (I hope).  Here's a look at the weekly schedule as I'm envisioning it.

  • Monday will still be sort of a mixed-bag day.  This is the day I review episodes of Arrow that prominently feature the Canary, which seems like it'll be pretty regular for at least the rest of this season.  When the show isn't on, I'll post artist sketches, random panels, or miscellaneous Canary stuff.
  • Tuesday is going back coverage of Birds of Prey, but not the depressing New 52 series.  I'm talking about the classic.  Starting tomorrow, I'm kicking off the first of four BoP one-shots that lead directly into the ongoing series.  That's where we're headed: from Chuck Dixon to Gail Simone, and I'm super excited because, at the time of this writing, I haven't read the one-shots or a big chunk of Dixon's run on the ongoing.
  • Wednesday will continue my reviews of Dinah's story in Action Comics Weekly.  That'll last another seven weeks or so.  As soon as that's over, I'm diving right into Sarah Byam and Trevor Von Eeden's Black Canary miniseries from 1991 and then her only regular series that lasted twelves issues in 1993.  I've been sitting on these books for a year and it's way past time I reviewed them.
  • Thursday will be for assorted Black Canary team-ups in The Brave and the Bold, as well as guest appearances in books like Wonder Woman.  At some point, I've got to start reviewing her appearances in Justice League of America.  This might also be a day of rest, so no promises of anything permanent.
  • Friday I am thrilled to rename "Pretty Bird Day".  Should be obvious: this is when I look at Green Arrow and Black Canary team-ups.  I've avoided this kind of regular feature for so long because there was just so much material to cover I felt intimidated.  No longer.  This Friday I'll look at the first of a two-part GA/BC story from Detective Comics #549 written by f***ing Alan Moore!
  • Saturday is when I update my Sandman blog with reviews of Sandman Mystery Theatre.  Please check it out if you haven't already (the blog, I mean...actually, the comic and the blog).
  • Sunday will remain Golden Oldie day where I spotlight Dinah's earliest appearances in Flash Comics.  I think I have fifteen or sixteen more of those before the series ended.  Once her Golden Age appearances have run out, I will switch over to reviewing the Sandman's early adventures on that blog.  Basically, the work week will belong to Black Canary while the weekend is devoted to Sandman--but that's still months away!

Again, I can't express how jazzed I am to share these stories, some of which I'll be reading for the first time as I sit down to review them.  Come back regularly and enjoy the bountiful Black Canary action!

Also, here's a sketch by Arthur Adams.

Thanks and You're Welcome!


  1. Wow that sounds like a lot of work for you to take on (!) but fun nevertheless.
    Arthur Adams does draw a sexy Dinah , you should check out thr variant cover to the upcoming Fantastic Four issue 2 he drew a very hot Invisible Woman.

  2. i'd love to see action figure or figurine reviews

  3. BCF - I've never done actual reviews of action figures, though for a while I created little comedic vignettes with my DC Universe Classics collection, similar to how ToyFair magazine used to do in the days before Robot Chicken.

  4. Im currently re-reading the classic Green Lantern/Green Arrow series in which BC guest-starred. Back in 2000 I bought the hardback collection of it and only ever got round to reading the first two issues.
    Your blog has inspired me to read the complete book again, not just for the social themes in the stories or even Neal Adams's art but to read some classic Canary!

  5. I *will* be reviewing those GL/GA stories in the next couple months.