Sunday, July 6, 2014

Golden Oldie (sort of): DC SPECIAL #3

Black Canary's Golden Age solo adventures ended with the cancellation of Flash Comics in 1948.  However, the Canary's creators produced two more tales of the Blonde Bombshell that would not be published for over two decades.  The first of those stories appeared in DC Special #3 in 1969.  In addition to Black Canary, the all-girl issue featured stories of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Star Sapphire with a beautiful cover by Neal Adams.

"Special Delivery Death" is written by Robert Kanigher and drawn by Carmine Infantino.  I don't know when the story was created; it might have been intended for Flash Comics #105 or it might have been produced months earlier and just fell between the cracks.  What I do know is that the eight-page yarn both looks and feels a little more mature, a little more sophisticated than Black Canary's previous chapters.

Infantino's artwork, particularly the character design, has so much more definition in this story that I wanted to share the entire chapter.  Enjoy!

Unlike any of Black Canary's previous adventures, Kanigher puts real life and character into the villains, Bobo and Nifty, and Infantino's renditions of them have just the right flair of caricature.  There's great coloring and inking on the two in the last page.

More than the richness of Bobo and Nifty, I love how Kanigher portrays Black Canary in this story.  For one thing, she never gets knocked unconscious, which is a first, I believe, and maybe the reason this didn't get published in the Golden Age.  There are two chances where the killers could have taken her out, but both times she proves resourceful and gets the drop on them: first when she swing-kicks Nifty, and then when she drops him in the garbage can in the alley.

Come back next Sunday for the final solo adventure of Black Canary by the original team of Kanigher and Infantino in a story from Adventure Comics #399.

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