Friday, November 14, 2014

Black Canary on CBR's Grumpy Old Fan Blog

What has two thumbs and a name-drop on Comic Book Resources this week?  This guy!

(You can't see it but I'm holding my thumbs up to indicate myself.)

Grumpy Old Fan, a regular columnist over at CBR's Robot 6 blog, posted a well-researched and thoughtful history of Black Canary in DC comics. And he was cool and gracious enough to mention this website in his introduction.

The author's subject is well-timed as the Canary's identity on Arrow is going through a pretty big shift during the third season. What I particularly like, though, is how Grumpy Old Fan (also known as Tom Bondurant) focuses on the various Dinahs and their relationships with other heroes of the DC universe.

"Her history is an excellent example of how a shared-universe environment can give a character the tools she needs to thrive."

Check out the entire article here.


  1. Its a good article, well-researched indeed. Only gripe from me is its on CBR which doesn't inspire much confidence from me, but a splendid effort nevertheless. And you got a shout-out for your blog so a big thumbs-up!

  2. I don't know what might worry Karl about the article, it's a well-researched opinion piece, now endorsed by yourself. Sure, some CBR interviews are puff-pieces, but the blog posts by the likes of Tom Bondurant and Brian Cronin are superb.

  3. May I humbly wish you a belated Xmas and a Happy New Year, all the best to you for 2015 and long may your Black Canary blog continue into the next year!
    All the best!

  4. Thanks, karl! I wish the same to you. I'm not sure when I'll get back to regularly updating the Black Canary blog, but something else will be coming up very soon.