Saturday, March 14, 2015

Episode 3: Sister Sara and the Bus-Riding Hobo Killer

Ryan shares his thoughts about Sara Lance, the first woman to adopt the title of The Canary on the TV series ARROW. Also, a review of Black Canary #2 (1993) and listener feedback.

Flowers & Fishnets is available for download on iTunes by clicking here, or you can check out the show's RSS feed right here.

Don't forget to read ComicVine's interview with the upcoming Black Canary creative team of writer Brenden Fletcher and artist Annie Wu by clicking here.

Sample pages from Black Canary #2--click to enlarge.

Music this episode:
"My Sister"
Juliana Hatfield
Mammoth Records, 1993.



  1. Like you Count, I shied away from Arrow because of Smallville. I watched early Smallville, left when it became intolerable, and was only lured back because Supergirl made it on the show. But even then, it wasn't great enough for me to head to the darkish looking Arrow and I still haven't seen the show ... maybe I should give it a shot. (I like the Flash character more and have been watching that show since its inception.)

    My only feel for Arrow has been in the crossover Flash episodes. If anything could lure me to Arrow it would be Felicity Smoak. The double-Canary wrinkle does seem interesting so I was glad you covered it here.

    As for the second issue of the comic, the cover is odd. I have seen female characters drawn with unbelievable chests in the past, but this one defies physics. Either her chest is much more in the foreground than her head (suggesting a snake like spine) or she is inhumanly proportioned. The flashback conundrum frustrates me just to hear you discuss it!

    Following along and interested though! Look forward to seeing the rest of this series reviewed.

  2. I watched all of Smallville, minus a few episodes in the season following the Doomsday arc, due to the god-awful wrap-up of that one. I believe the JSA episode brought me back, and the show really picked up after that.

    I'm WAY behind on Arrow. I have season 2 on DVD, but I've yet to watch it. I've only watched the Flash crossovers thus far from the past two seasons. Looks like Laurel will be crossing over with the Flash gang, per a trailer floating out there on the net right now.

    Man, Dinah looks like a roided-up dude in that last scan above. Her thighs are bigger than her torso! That's just wrong.

    Great episode again, Ryan. Love the theme song, and am doubly impressed you created it!


    1. And that's the teenage Dinah from the flashback in that scanned picture!

  3. I finally started watching the episodes of Arrow I've been DVRing since before the start of the current season in anticipation of Ray Palmer's arrival. As it happened, these were the episodes that introduced Barry Allen (and I presume, Cyrus Gold.) As expected, Arrow has returned to his original conception as a blatant Batman rip-off, tone shifted to reflect the Nolan aesthetic, and soaped up to reflect its CW home. As with you, I'm perfectly fine with that, as the familiar Denny O'Neill liberal crusader was a putz. However, I appreciate the nods to the Mike Grell and later, grimmer series. Two episodes in, it's still kind of lame (those island flashbacks with the bad '90s wig do don't) but tolerable. I agree that Felicity Smoake is the best part of the show so far, and anything to do with Roy Harper the worst. Barry was okay, I guess.

    I'd be perfectly fine with a bi Dinah (BiNah?) Gay would be harder to prop up in continuity, although it might explain her tolerance for Ollie's womanizing ("Yes, please fire your arrow in any other direction but mine.")

    Juliana Hatfield was one of my favorite singer-songwriters in the '90s. A particularly unpleasant concert gig and a perceived lack of personal development going into the aughts saw me set aside her music for much of the past decade. "My Sister" was her big radio hit, and I was sick of it even when I was into her. But at least it wasn't that tune she did on My So-Called Life.

    The script sounds like bad period TV bad badness. How are you going to round up enough hookers and bums to commit voter fraud of such a magnitude as to impact elections in a major metropolis? Having done so, how do you explain the hundreds of bodies that would subsequently turn up after you murder them into silence, even though they'd probably be handy when you're looking to get re-elected in 2-4 years? Sounds like you'd create a major infrastructure problem just from all the corpses blocking drainage systems and holding up garbage collection. Wouldn't they be better off angling a politically biased voting machine company to collect the results, or get thousands of butterfly ballots thrown out on various trumped up technicalities? Lacking a crystal ball, how about a history book? Didn't at least one of our presidents have a large constituency reporting from beyond the grave? If only Sarah Byam had treated Chinatown as "reference material" the way Oz tales have been endlessly remixcycled, this arc might have been at least tolerable.

    Alliterative mail title! Is the story folks are talking about with a werewolf the same as the one I've got where the Green Arrow and Black Canary features crossed over in the same issue and featured something that looked more like a bear? Mike Nasser art? Anyway, I hope you cover the New 52 Black Canary soon, because I just realized I don't know what her deal is. Was her mom still some form of crusader? I know she was on Team 7, which was a paramilitary thing, but that's it. If that's all she is so far, now would be the perfect time to mix all the best elements of the twoish Canaries and create a stronger, singular, ultimate incarnation. I have notes!

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