Saturday, April 18, 2015

Episode 8: Sexy Dance Fighting

Reviewing Black Canary #7 from 1993 featuring the deadly dancer known as Capoeira. Also listener feedback from episodes 6 and 7.

This episode is a little shorter because I only had the time and energy to review one issue. I tried out a new microphone for this recording thinking it would make things easier. I'm not all that thrilled with the final result. I didn't care for how quiet and soft everything sounded, so I tried to boost it with some other settings in GarageBand. Anyway, I hope the quality doesn't sound to you as craptacular as it does to me.

Sample pages from Black Canary #7.

Music this episode:
"Hips Don't Lie"
Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean
Epic Records, 2006.

"Love Generation (Radio Edit)"
Bob Sinclair featuring Gary Pine
Defected Records, 2005.

Sound clips this episode:
Bob's Burgers
"Sexy Dance Fighting"
20th Television.



  1. I'm getting a bit of a Count Vertigo vibe off of Capoeira's visual, but Von Eden designed both, so it makes sense. He sounds like an engaging villain. Why do creators kill off villains definitively before they know if they have legs or not? I've never understood that.


  2. I have to agree he sounds like the right kind of villain for Canary. I suppose if the series made it longer he would come back from the dead. Or his dancing brother would pick up the cause.

    And finally, an engaging cover where the spotlight is on the characters!

  3. You've been listening to the MPDC episode, so I'm in no position to criticize audio quality, but I did develop a minor case of carpal tunnel syndrome while listening to your show on the car stereo. Didn't notice any issues just now through my earphones, though. Shag hipped me to Levelator a while back, and brother, I'm here to hip to what's good for you.

    Full Disclosure: I've had a pet character/series concept involving a capoeira-employing vigilante that's been developed off and on (as with most, almost assuredly to inevitable fruitlessness beyond my own brain's personal entertainment) since the mid-90s. In a queer bit of serendipity, it also involved a villain partially swiped from Charles Dance's character in The Last Action Hero who turned a blind eye to the incestuous relations between blond younger members of his family he shepherded (well before I ever heard of Game of Thrones as even a book,) plus I also listened to #FWPodcast's discussion of (among other things) Alien3 this week.

    Here's my theory: Capoeira was a throwaway character Byam was using to prop up her criticism of vigilantism and had him killed off to serve as a lesson/foreshadowing for Dinah finding herself on a similar path. She didn't even bother to give him his own gimmick beyond capoeira, recycling Severance's m.o. Given a free hand and likely a textual character sketch of "draw Zorro," Trevor Von Eeden over-designed Capoeira to entertain himself as he labored over the issue, pulling a reverse Esteban Corazón de Ablo. Instead of Stan Lee using Diablo as an instance where he failed to realize a swell Kirby design as a viable character, Von Eeden took a character that wasn't intended to be well realized and accidentally elevated him to viability through his design.

    That said, I don't care for Capoeira, I'm glad he's dead, and I hope he burns in hell. Stay away from "my" bit, boy. And Tarantula's. And Severance's. And Zorro's.

  4. Man am I glad you included that Bob's burgers reference.

  5. The way Von Eeden drew Dinah, I wonder if he was looking back at Adventure Comics and trying for a Toth vibe.