Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Episode 12: New 52 Canary

Looking at the troubled and terrible history of Black Canary in the New 52 era. An overview of her awful stories in Birds of Prey and horrible stories in Team 7, with a review of her tale in the recent Secret Origins #11.

On the plus side, we get a preview of Dinah's new series which puts her up front and on stage fronting a band called Black Canary. This looks much better!

Also, an exclusive sneak preview of the upcoming SECRET ORIGINS PODCAST, reviewing the post-Crisis Secret Origins series.

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Sample pages from Secret Origins #11 (thanks to Martin Gray), art by Rick Burchett:

Black Canary Sneak Peek, art by Annie Wu:

Music this episode:
"Stupid Girl"
Almo Sounds, 1995.

DGC Records, 1994.



  1. Wow. Just... Wow. I can only imagine how painful it was to suffer through those issues. I can hear the agony when you try to just describe it. I wonder if a bit of a pallet cleanser episode looking at some of the truly great stories might be in order (maybe something by Gail Simone, perchance? Seeings as she gets a name drop here all the same.) It just occurs to me that out of the specific issues and stories you've talked about there really hasn't been an unequivocal triumph. I think we're all due for a dose of that.

    So excited for the new podcast (even the episodes that I don't guest spot in.)

  2. A pallet cleanser, indeed, might be in order. Back when I was regularly writing up blog posts I was working my way through the first BIRDS run by Chuck Dixon with the goal of getting to Gail Simone's run after a while. I think I'd want to tackle that in order, so I'll need to come up with a different joyous BC story to cover.

  3. well, this NO52 has a lot to answer for...this art is just juvenile and not worth the effort of even looking at. And Dinah fronting ...rock group, wtf?? Why would a superhero even consider doing this?

  4. This New 52 Black Canary sounds like it's Exhibit A for the lack of forethought given to that HUGE relaunch nearly 4 years ago. DC can spin it all they want, but the New 52 was a desperate move, put into place VERY quickly. The lack of direction or even common sense applied to a long running DC character is just inexcusable.

    I'm wondering if this NEW Post-Convergence Canary title and character will even be in any previous continuity. DC YOU (or whatever the hell they are calling themselves this week) seems to be continuity free with a lot of titles, and I honestly think this one will work better if it's NOT tied to Dinah's previous super heroics. Otherwise, it's kind of like on the old M.A.S.K. cartoon, when after two seasons of fighting their enemy, V.E.N.O.M., they decide to bury the hatchet and go all NASCAR and race one another? What!?!

    Secret Origins sounds great. Can't wait to hear the other folks that are going to be on, even that Rob guy, who sounded quite a bit like that other guy who works with him and constantly goes on about Robbie Amell.


  5. I'll be honest, I didn't read any of the New52 Black Canary stuff...but if it was anything like the New52 Blue Beetle...than I understand your feelings. It took me a long time to come around to liking the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle...and the New52 version ditched the legacy aspect (there was no Ted Kord, no Dan Garrett), and he went from a likable teen to an annoying one. It sucks when our favorite characters get the short end of the stick, but at least we have our old back issues to remind us why we loved them!

    As far as Secret Origins...that second guy, the one talking about the Blue Beetle issue...he sounds like a handsome intelligent guy! I'm going to check out that podcast just to hear more of him! lol

  6. LOLopening!

    Yay! New 52 coverage! I can finally mock that continuity too!

    As I was listening to your coverage of the '90s Black Canary series, I started crafting my own Ultimate take on the character. I'm a firm believer in respecting and ideally building upon what came before, but I can also recognize the need for Bold New Directions. For instance, the Pre-Crisis Jason Todd was nothing but a Dick Grayson clone, so I enjoyed Max Collins' and Jim Starlin's snot-nosed punk reworking until he got resurrected and Winnicked. Despite Rob Kelly's adoration of Alan Brennert, let's be honest with ourselves and admit that his Post-Crisis origin for Dinah Lance basically turned her into Silk Spectre. That said, there was plenty of good to be found in her '80s-'00s history, and gold to be mined from earlier interpretations to form a most excellent New 52 incarnation. Instead, they made her Jason Todd II married to a lame Wildstorm-generic paramilitary background with pointless shallow analogues for Larry Lance and Ted Grant thrown in for bad measure. This isn't an all-new, all-different Black Canary with an original name/narrative, but it also isn't anything like familiar or desirable for Dinah fans. The character isn't elevated in stature within her universe, doesn't expand representation, and in fact loses ground from what had previously made her unique. The worst of all possible worlds, essentially. As with most of the New 52, it takes away without giving anything back, and represents a colossal missed opportunity at a true streamlining and updating of the line for modern, ideally expanded, audiences. The Arrow flourishes make the New 52 look like Legends of the Superheroes by comparison.

    Weird that your New 52 music is so ninetiescentric, or maybe not, given its obvious lackluster inspiration. Still, Garbage and Hole are more my speed than most of your other musical interludes to date.

    I'm afraid I'm not into DC You Black Canary, either, but at least they are trying a new direction instead of turning Dinah into a derivative character pushed further into the background of the DCU than ever. Team 7? Ugh.

    Looking forward to Secret Origins, and commend you on the advance production. Since I made the guest star roll call, I suppose we'll have to actually pick an issue and record at some point. Got anybody for Doll Man yet?

  7. Wow that's some real crud. What a shame. Not a character I care about but I sympathize as I know how it feels when they take a character you like and pour bat guano all over it.

  8. Loved this episode! Your brutal honesty about the New 52 Black Canary was greatly appreciated and enjoyed. Every time you took a stab at the New 52, the passion and language had me bursting with laughter!! Well done, sir! Also have to agree the upcoming Black Canary ongoing looks spectacular! Fingers crossed!

    I'm in total agreement with Kyle about Dinah in the #ConwayXover World's Finest issue. She was SMOKIN' hot in that story! Really enjoyed your coverage there too!

    Finally, your Secret Origins podcast preview was exceptional. Really did a great job explaining the show, your interest, and the snippets of guests made for good teasers. And that Rob Kelly guy sounds dashingly handsome!

    Keep up the great work! Looking forward to future episodes!

  9. Another great episode as always. As a Black Canary fan I struggled through many of those Birds of Prey issues in the new 52 before finally giving up. I obviously didn't dislike them as much as you did, but I don't think anyone could have. I've always liked Christy Marx's writing so I planned to return to the series when she took over, but never got around to it. Here's hoping the new series is good.