Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Episode 17: Super-Star Power

Reviewing Black Canary #4 (2015). Dinah races to find Ditto, who has been kidnapped by the insanely jealous Bo Maeve. Plus, who is the mysterious woman in white? And what does Amanda Waller have to do with Ditto's kidnapping?

Also, the Irredeemable Shag sent me a ton of Black Canary swag from the latest DragonCon!

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Sample pages from Black Canary #4, written by Brenden Fletcher with art by Pia Guerra, and the regular cover by Annie Wu and variant cover by Doc Shaner.

Also, some DragonCon swag signed by Brenden Fletcher.

Music this episode:
"Look At Me"
Geri Halliwell
EMI, 1999.

"Dancing Queen"
Atlantic Records, 1976.



  1. Fun issue. I liked seeing the "secret origin" of Bo Maeve and the fact that she looks like she might be Dinah's new arch-enemy with the "Bo Blast" as you called it. I agree that she's not much of a threat at this point. Even with her new powers I don't think she's anywhere near as good a martial artist as Black Canary. I'm hoping she uses her new powers for more than just a "Battle of the Bands" showdown. I definitely think Fletcher and company are drawing from the Arrow TV show universe by bringing in Amanda Waller and what looks to be White Canary. In regards to the art, I much prefer Pia Guerra over Annie Wu. I read the series digitally so most of the time Wu's artwork looks very scratchy, but Guerra's artwork looks much cleaner and Dinah and Bo look like young women whereas Wu makes them look much older than I think is intended.

  2. I find that the fourth issues of new titles are often to 'world build'. A short arc getting our feet on the ground has finished. We have met the character. Now it is time to flesh things out and put that character in a three dimensional world.

    This issue just does that. We see Dinah. We see her kicking butt and taking names.

    But really this is about putting Dinah in this world with Ditto, Larry, Amanda Waller, and White Canary. There are all these moving parts revolving around her.

    And, of course, we get a very in depth look at Bo Maeve. I think we have an arch-enemy in the making here, especially given her new powers. My guess is that she will be something like the Rucka take on Silver Swan. In that Wonder Woman run, Silver Swan - usually beautiful and seductive - is corrupted into this horrible, twisted cyborg, the exact opposite of her wishes. So my guess is Bo's powers will be so chaotic that she won't be able to talk without there being massive destruction. And so she will be robbed of what she loves most ... hearing herself talk.

    I really enjoyed this issue because it really made me feel like Dinah was existing in a wide world. There are a lot of moving parts in the plot now. Impressive.

  3. The human side of Shagg...who knew?

    Seriously, despite his online personae, Shagg is a prince among men. But don't tell him I said that.

    Sounds like Dinah's got herself a "Reverse Canary". Interesting...

    Love that Dinah/GL cover!


  4. I dig that #3 variant cover! Did Dinah get a shot at "Faces of the DCU" month back in the '90s? Even if she did, I bet this take was better.

    Not at all on board the Canary/Green Lantern Hal Jordan coupling. He's just another shade of green douche.

    Bo Maeve is such an odd name that it surely means something. I wonder if they're going to give the Bronze Age Wonder Woman villainess Silver Swan to Black Canary? I hope not, as Diana doesn't have the rogues to spare, even if she only fights Greek Gods and Superman villains in the New 52.

    Annie Wu defines this series for me.