Sunday, August 4, 2013

Canary Cosplay at Boston Comic Con '13

Yesterday I attended the Boston Comic Con.  I had a great time and commissioned an original sketch of Black Canary that I'll be posting later this week.

I saw four different women dressed as Black Canary.  They all looked great, but there was only one that I just had to get a picture of for Flowers & Fishnets.

I spoke to the woman briefly, but I never got her name, nor did I ask her permission to post the picture on my blog.  As such, I decided to post the picture with her face "blacked out" in case she wants to maintain some privacy or anonymity.

Anyway, the reason I stopped her for the picture rather than any of the other Canary cosplayers is because she went with the more retro blue jacket rather than the leather.  She even mentioned that she hadn't seen any other attendee wearing a blue jacket.  I agreed; that's why hers was the best!

Thanks for the Boston Comic Con moment, unnamed cosplay woman!


  1. Sounds like you gad a good time. This years seems to have seen a pot of Birds of Prey cos-players, everywhere one looks there are people dressed as Batgirl and the Huntress.

  2. Yeah. There MIGHT have been someone dressed as Oracle, but I didn't want to ask unless it was merely a ginger-haired woman in a wheelchair.

  3. I saw her too. I remember thinking she looked like she just stepped out of the Black Canary movie. Well done.