Friday, August 9, 2013

JLI Cover by Kevin Maguire

In support of Kevin Maguire, the latest DC Comics talent to get shafted by the company (and his own writer!), I'm posting this cover to Justice League International #8.

Cover to Justice League International #8 (1987), art by Kevin Maguire.

I don't have the same love for this era of the League that a lot of fans have, and personally, I think this Black Canary costume is so atrociously, unspeakably hideous-looking that I'm surprised it wasn't designed for the New 52.  But Maguire is a real talent, always capable of infusing his work with humor, whimsy, and the right dose of action.  C'mon, this is just a classic picture!

Despite not feeling the nostalgic hunger for the creators on the upcoming Justice League 3000, I figured I would read the first issue out of curiosity.  But for DC to kick Maguire off because his work wasn't "dark and gritty" enough?  For the love of God, DC, why did you put him on the book in the first place?!!  You want a dark and gritty future Justice League book?  Then why would you hire the creative team most famous for doing exactly the opposite of that?!!  No sale for me--not now.

Good luck on your Brian Bendis-written X-Men book, Kevin!  I'm sure you're better off over there.


  1. Well...Im not exactly a fan of Maguire's work myself, tho he does put hio heart and soul into his art. Its the awful gurning of his faces that his characters always pull, that's what irks me.
    Having said that, he is a very capable artist and can always be relied upon to churn out regular work on time, unlike most of his comtempories.
    Did you get to see that fine, five-issue story in Batman Confidential a couple of years ago, which saw the first meeting between Catwoman and Black Canary, drawn by Maguire? Very funny, and in the tradition of his JLI era. That should be collected into a trade, it was so good.
    Pity DC dosent appreciate his talent, but that's modern-day executives for you.

  2. Wasn't that the first meeting of Catwoman and BATGIRL in that Batman Confidential story? I remember reading an issue of it but not the whole storyline.

  3. Yes, I meant to say Batgirl, not Canary [got her on my brain!] good story all the same, tho it rambled into farce a bit, try and find the remaining issues its a lively read.