Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adventurous Woman: ADVENTURE COMICS #419

Continuing from yesterday's entry, the second part of "The Canary and the Cat" by Dennis O'Neill and Alex Toth originally published in Adventure Comics #419 in May 1972.

Once again, I haven't read this entire issue.  Black Canary's strip was published in the Black Canary Archives hardcover collection.  As such, I haven't read the Supergirl, Zatanna or other stories in this issue.  Maybe Anj from the Supergirl blog at Comic Box Commentary has read them.

If you didn't read the first part of the story, go back and check it out.  In case you browser is acting up or there's something wrong with your ability to click a link or homepage icon, I'll give you the short rundown.  A restless and unemployed Dinah finds work teaching Judo to the radical Women's Resistance League.  But not long after teaching them how to fight, they ambush her and she realizes their leader has some nefarious plan, the first part of which involves killing the Canary!

Now, the complete second part of O'Neill and Toth's story!

Oh man, even a glimpse of Toth's Catwoman is breathtaking!


  1. I got the first part of this tale when Adventure Comics fist printed it back in the early 70s and had to wait TEN YEARS before I could find the other part to it.
    I finally got the second part of it in an Adventure Comics Digest [about the size a small paperback] in the mid 80s.

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