Saturday, January 4, 2014

Check Out My Sandman Blog Today

Last month I created a blog based on the Golden Age Sandman character, Wesley Dodds.  Today is the first real post for that blog, a recap of 1993's Sandman Mystery Theatre by Matt Wagner and Guy Davis.  

Every Saturday, I'll update The Sandman Slept Here, so please check it out whether you're a longtime Sandman fan or you've never read the comic before.  I think you'll enjoy!

Art by Francesco Francavilla.


  1. I might go check it out...Golden Age comics intrigue me sometimes, esp with regards to the JSA. Ive always wondered why the term 'Sandman' is associated with sleep, never quite understood that.,

  2. I always assumed it had to do with the kind of crusty stuff that forms at the corner of your eyes while you sleep. Some kind of myth/legend about the "Sandman" sprinkling sand over your eyes to bring you dreams. No idea where that concept came from or when it started.