Monday, February 4, 2013

Canary Comics for February

Here be the known books that Black Canary will be featured in during the month of February, 2013.  I've included the new issue of Justice League, as Dinah has been appearing in the "Throne of Atlantis" crossover story.  And if things go well, she could be a more frequent visitor to the series going forth.

Art by Romano Molenaar.
  • The Birds are trapped fighting Basilisk--in total darkness!
  • Something strange is happening to Black Canary... and only one man can be responsible.  But Kurt Lance died years ago--right?

  • Written by Dwayne Swierczynski
  • Art by Romano Molenaar

Art by Ivan Reis.
  • The epic, full-length conclusion to "Throne of Atlantis" hits as Aquaman and the League make a sinister discovery that changes both the outcome of the war and the future of the Justice League!
  • What is THE GRID--and what does it mean to expanding the Justice League?

  • Written by Geoff Johns
  • Art by Ivan Reis

TEAM 7 #5
Art by Gary Frank.
  • The secret history of the DCU's original Cyborg Program!
  • Who is Spartan? And what is the threat of the Majestic Program?
  • Slade Wilson takes his first steps down the path that will lead to his becoming Deathstroke!

  • Written by Justin Jordan
  • Art by Pascal Alixe

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