Thursday, February 14, 2013

Preview of JUSTICE LEAGUE #17

The conclusion to the Justice League/Aquaman crossover, "Throne of Atlantis", hits shelves next week.  A preview of the first five pages has hit several news sites.  Of note for Black Canary fans is the double-page splash (heh) on pages 4 and 5 featuring the replacement Justice League members fighting off hordes of Atlanteans led by Ocean Master.

From Justice League #17, art by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado & Rod Reis.
Never fear surface dwellers.  You're safe in the hands of Firestorm, the Element-Woman, Black Lightning, Vixen, Zatanna, and -- right smack in the middle -- our own Dinah herself!

Gives a whole new meaning to her fishnet stockings.
No sign of Hawkman or Atom on these pages, but Hawkman got pretty well banged up last chapter.  And the image might just be too pixelated to see Atom.


  1. Thanks for the Black Canary updates, always check on your page, she is very underrated and deserves more attention from DC.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I agree. I hope she continues to see page-time in Justice League.