Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Black Canary by Amy Reeder

I have never been fond of Black Canary's post-Crisis sweatsuit costume from the Legends and Justice League.  I think she looks like a rejected body double from Flashdance.  And the chest plate thing--what is that supposed to be?

Some artists, though, can make diamonds out of any crappy mineral, and from the looks of this sketch, I'm thinking Amy Reeder is one of them.

I wish I could say this sketch was done for me, but sadly, I just grabbed it from Google images.  Whoever "Jamie" is, he/she is one lucky fan!

Incidentally, I met Amy briefly at the last Boston ComicCon.  While we talked about her work on Batwoman and Supergirl, as well as Halloween Eve and Rocket Girl, it became obvious how super cool she was.

Like a fool, of course, I was so caught up in talking to her that I didn't think to ask for a Black Canary sketch or even how much it would cost.  What makes me feel even dumber is that she was working on a sketch during our conversation!  (I didn't get a good look at it, but for all I know she was sketching Supergirl for Anj over at Comic Box Commentary.)


  1. I like the pose, but not so much the realistic way the costume hangs on Dinah - she looks like a mechanic. Amy is or talented, though.

  2. It does kind of remind me of a mechanic's jumpsuit.