Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Black Canary in Channel 52 News!

This post is a month overdue, but at the time it would have been relevant I was caught up in the early parts of my Justice League fan-cast epic.

In the August 7th installment of "Channel 52," which appears in the back of every DC Comic, Black Canary was spotlighted as an example of a character with "super powers".

It's ironic, I think, to equate Dinah with a "super-powered" hero since there are so many higher profile characters with more overt, well-known powers.  Also, I dislike her Canary Cry and wish she didn't have it anymore.

1 comment:

  1. I don't mind her Canary Cry at all - its a useful power in a jam, and provided its used sparingly, and I do mean sparingly, its no bother.
    What I can do without is this turgid Channel 52 at the end of all my DC books....the new 52 is too confusing already and this doesn't help at all.
    Id rather they dropped it and gave us the extra two pages back for our books.