Saturday, September 28, 2013

Post Granite Con/The Week Ahead

Whew!  Busy Saturday: I had a great time this morning at Granite State ComicCon in Manchester, New Hampshire!  Obviously, it was a much smaller show than the Boston Con I attended a few months back, but I went to GSCC a much smarter con-goer, and I think this was a lot more productive.

Looking ahead at this week's schedule:

Monday: I'll put up the awesome Black Canary sketch I commissioned from Billy Tucci!

Tuesday: Review Birds of Prey (vol. 3) #11.

Wednesday: General reflections about the Con and meeting Ethan Van Sciver and Aaron Kuder.

Thursday: Maybe a look at the back issues of Action Comics Weekly I picked up with stories featuring Black Canary from the late '80s.  (Just tonight I ordered the remaining issues from her time in this series from; when I have them all, I'll start reviewing.)

Friday: Probably going to start posting my fan-cast outline for Justice League: The Brave and the Bold movie.

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