Sunday, April 20, 2014

Golden Oldie: FLASH COMICS #100

Black Canary's ongoing adventures continue with seven thrilling pages of mystery and suspense in the milestone 100th issue of Flash Comics.  Hmm... I would've expected something a little bit more milestone-y for the cover.

"The Circle Terror!" is written by Robert Kanigher and drawn by Carmine Infantino.

Bizarrely, the Pierrette model on the music box raises a gun and appears to shoot Pierrot.  Dinah Drake and Larry Lance go inside the music store, where a surly looking man passes them on his way out.  At once, Dinah and Larry notice that the store clerk looks just like the Pierrot figurine on the music box.  Then they notice he's fallen down dead, almost as if the figurine's death was replicated in real life.

Suddenly, the skylight gives way and Black Canary falls down into the bad guy's hideout.  But the ever-graceful Mistress of Judo lands on her feet.  She scoops up some diamonds and throws them at the henchmen.  Then Black Canary corners the bad guy leader, but he doses her with a gas from the flower on his lapel.

Black Canary wakes up tied to a post on a giant music box.  And she's not alone; Larry Lance is tied up, too, having tracked the music box back to the enemy hideout.  The bad guy starts the music box, telling them that when the posts spin to the point where they face each other, the box will explode, killing them.

After freeing themselves, Black Canary and Larry Lance trace the bad guy back to a jewelry store he's in the process of robbing.

That's a hint, Larry.  Dinah is the Black Canary!

Come back next Sunday for another Golden Age adventure of Black Canary in Flash Comics #101.

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