Sunday, April 13, 2014

Golden Oldie: FLASH COMICS #99

Black Canary's ongoing adventures continue with seven thrilling pages of mystery and suspense in Flash Comics #99.

"Time Runs Out!" is written by Robert Kanigher and drawn by Carmine Infantino, who breaks up the title page layout with a splashy cover image that runs lengthwise rather than take up the top portion of the page.

Larry Lance, doing his best Dick Tracy impression with the yellow trench coat, tells Dinah Drake that he's working a case about stolen radioactive vinium, which not any kind of element or compound that I've ever heard of.  Dinah then is accosted by Danny Deake, the florist from across the street, who angrily takes his package from Larry Lance.

Just then, a car speeds up to the curb and two men in the car open fire on Deake.  The rival florist is shot dead, but Larry pushes Dinah into the cover of her own flower shop before challenging the gunmen himself.  Dinah sneaks into the back of her store and changed into the costume of her secret crime-fighting alias, Black Canary.  When she comes out of the store, though, Larry is being thrown into the car with the two gunmen, who also picked up the package that Deake wanted so badly.

The goons from the car take the package as well as the captives Black Canary and Larry Lance to the Modern Glass Company factory.  The evil boss wears a protective suit and hood while he works with the dangerous chemicals and elements.

The boss quickly dumps... something on the molten glass to make it harden instantly, trapping Canary and Lance.  The heroes are then knocked unconscious--not pistol-whipped this time, but still knocked out, so Dinah's still making her monthly brain damage quota.

Black Canary and Larry Lance wake up in the bottom part of a giant hourglass.  The villain tells them they have one hour--because that's how hourglasses work--before the sand from the top half fills their compartment and kills them.  But after the villain explains his deathtrap, he leaves the room assuming everything will go according to his plan and there's no reason at all to confirm the deaths of his foes.

Outside, the leader has his men load glass vases onto a truck.  He drops the vases off at flower shops which he plans to use as a front to distribute the illegal vinium.  But he and the rest of the crooks are shocked when Black Canary and Lance crawl out of two of the vases.  Black Canary explains that she used the diamond beak of her canary locket to cut through the glass of their hourglass prison.

Poor Larry.  So in love with Black Canary and oblivious to Dinah Drake standing right next to him.

Come back next Sunday for another Golden Age adventure of Black Canary in Flash Comics #100.

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