Friday, August 22, 2014

Pretty Bird: DETECTIVE COMICS #566

Previously in Detective Comics...

Detective Comics #566 starred Batman and Robin in a story by Doug Moench with art by Gene Colan, who also drew the cover.  Interestingly, this story served more or less as a Who's Who entry for Batman's rogues gallery with Jason Todd studying his mentor's foes in the Bat-computer.  Green Arrow and Black Canary teamed up in a backup strip titled "Old Enemies Die Hard" written by Joey Cavalieri and drawn by Jerome Moore.

We open with Dinah Laurel Lance taking her lover, Oliver Queen, home on her motorcycle.  There is no mention of Mayor Bolt or his costumed alter-ego Steelclaw, or his son who Green Arrow and Black Canary saved last issue.  I guess we just assume that Steelclaw died.

Examining the wreckage of his apartment, Ollie tells Dinah that nothing is missing.  This wasn't a robbery; someone came looking for him and trashed the place when they realized Ollie wasn't home.  He plays the tape on the answering machine (or "phone machine" as he calls it) and hears the message from Onyx, who is holed up in a music shop with her friend Tommie.

Meanwhile, at the music store, Onyx is trying to convince Tommie to let her go because she's in danger.  Tommie believes she came back to Star City to see him, though, and they kiss.  Then their tender embrace is interrupted by a large armored figure smashing through the wall.  The stranger calls himself Barricade and fights Onyx.

Green Arrow appears and fires an arrow that snatches the tiara away from Barricade.  Then he fires off another arrow that wraps chains around Barricade... chains the villain easily snaps out of.

I miss the story of Steelclaw--that was sort of anticlimactically wrapped up.  But I'm glad we see Onyx again and this story will put a cap on events last seen in issues #556 and 557.

Come back next Friday for the final part of Green Arrow and Black Canary's adventures in Detective Comics...

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