Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Calculator Saga: DETECTIVE COMICS #463

In 1976, Bob Rozakis and Mike Grell created the greatest super villain of all time!

Actually, they created The Calculator, who made his fiendish debut in the backup strip of Detective Comics #463.  He's hardly the world's greatest super villain, but his inaugural crime spree was a saga spanning six issues of Detective that sent him up against six different members of the heroic Justice League of America.  One of those members was Black Canary, which is why I care.  Calculator would eventually become a significant opponent for Oracle and the Birds of Prey, which is another reason why I care.

Presented here, uninterrupted, is the six-page backup "Crimes by Calculation" starring The Atom, written by Rozakis with art by Grell and Terry Austin.  

Come back tomorrow for the next part in the Calculator Saga, in which Black Canary does, in fact, make an appearance.

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