Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Calculator Saga: DETECTIVE COMICS #467

Continuing from yesterday's thrilling adventure of Green Arrow and The Calculator, writer Bob Rozakis, penciler Marshal Rogers, and inker Terry Austin test the Calculator's criminal computations against the Winged Wonder in Detective Comics #467.

Presented here, uninterrupted, is the six-page backup story "The Man Who Skyjacked Hawkman" starring, naturally, Hawkman.

Come back tomorrow for the final part in the Calculator Saga starring Batman and all the heroes who have appeared in the last five chapters!


  1. I am not a big Calculator fan, especially in this incarnation with the big keypad.

    But the art work on these back-ups has been stunning. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised with Grell and Rogers.

    This chapter with Hawkman is particularly beautiful. The half-splash 'free' panel and the upside-down punch panel on the second to last page are fantastic.

  2. Yeah, I agree completely. This version of the Calculator looks preposterous (and I say so in tomorrow's review). But the art on each of the stories has been pretty solid. And I, too, really love Rogers' work on this Hawkman story with the same two panels you mentioned.