Thursday, August 28, 2014

Super-Team Family: Black Canary and Banshee

It's Thursday and that means I get to lazily graciously repost one of Ross' custom DC/Marvel crossover covers from the Super-Team Family blog.  Last December, Ross celebrated his 600th crossover cover with a four different mash-ups, including Black Canary and Banshee's final scream!

I love all of these team-ups, from the Avengers and Star Trek crew, to Wolverine and Lion-O of the Thundercats, to Deathlok and RoboCop.  But naturally my favorite is the sonic power-couple of the X-Men's Banshee and Dinah Lance.

The Black Canary image above is by Nick Cardy and comes from the cover to The Brave and the Bold issue #91.

Check out Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues for many, many more DC/Marvel crossover covers!

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