Friday, October 30, 2015

Episode 18: The Way She Moves

Reviewing Black Canary #5 (2015). During a tour stop, Black Canary is drawn into a bizarre and deadly Battle of the Bands where Dinah must face her latest enemy. Plus, what is the mystery of the White Ninja?

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Sample pages of Black Canary #5 written by Brenden Fletcher with art by Pia Guerra and Sandy Jarrell, and cover by Annie Wu.

Music this episode:
"I Put a Spell on You"
Annie Lennox
Island Records, 2014.



  1. Agree this was another good issue. For me DCYou has been a success as Martian Manhunter, Starfire, and Black Canary have all been good reads.

    A couple of other comments.

    1) Thanks for dropping the knowledge on the other band names. Wouldn't have put that together despite reading the early stories in the Archive. That's why this is the place for Canary fans!

    2) Convinced the White Ninja is going to be Dinah's mother. This would add a classic wrinkle of generations of martial artists in the family. The blood sample will be to confirm the relationship

    3) We heard so much about the record deal in this issue, especially how it was a one disc/one tour deal. Makes me wonder if this whole music angle will disappear once the current mega-arc is done.

    4) I also don't trust the manager.

  2. I think this issue was an okay read, but not great. Yes, it asked some important questions, but I feel like those were questions that (at least the readers) had already been asking in the first 4 issues. This issue didn't really seem to move the overall story line forward. I know the first trade for the series collects issues #1-6, so it will be interesting to see how many things get wrapped up next issue (I'm guessing we'll get a battle with Bo Maeve, but the secrets of Ditto and the White (Canary) Ninja may not get revealed for a few more issues yet.

    Speaking of the trade, I'm planning to pick it up to help support the series (and the character) as I love the book. I've been reading the issues digitally from DC's website but I know a few people on Twitter who are "trade waiting" the book. I'm curious if you have any idea how well (or not) the book is selling.

  3. Correction: The first trade collects issues #1-7.

  4. Looking at the preview pages, the book doesn't look right without Annie Wu. She brings the rock n' roll. Without her, the look is flat.

  5. Is this a real comic book? The kind they sell in stores? Yikes.

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