Friday, August 7, 2015

Episode 15: Boston Con 2015 and Listener Feedback

Ryan Daly recounts his short time at Boston Comic Con 2015, meeting Anj for the first time, and getting a signed Black Canary band poster.

Also, listener feedback from episodes 13 and 14.

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Check out Anj's Supergirl blog, Comic Box Commentary by clicking here.

Below, Black Canary poster by Annie Wu

Music this episode:
"Shipping Up to Boston (live)"
Molly Ramone
Self-published, 2012. 



  1. The first two issues of Doctor Fate were pretty good, though the art takes some getting used to (much like the current Black Canary book). You do need to read the free preview first though, otherwise you'll be lost when you read issue #1.

    I did read Batgirl of Burnside and it was a lot of fun. Not much of Black Canary in it, aside from a supporting role, but it does set up her interest or need to be in a band (basically for the money) and she's put to good use in the final issue of the trade.

    Cool poster, btw. Glad to hear you had fun at the con.

    1. Thanks, Craig. I'll check out the Doctor Fate preview and then decide where to go with the series.

  2. Bringing an opposing view, I read the first two Doctor Fate issues and just can't get into it. I want to like it. It looks edgy and different, and I'm a lover of nearly every incarnation of Doctor Fate (except "Fate"). After reading two issues, I'm just feeling nothing. Maybe I'll wait and try again later.

    Agreed on Batgirl of Burnside! Tons of fun! Great way to reinvigorate the character (post Oracle, and picking up after the not-all-that-well-received New 52 version). Seems DC is trying to base much of their "DC You" direction on the popularity of Batgirl.

    Haven't tried the new Black Canary series, but your podcasts are pushing me closer and closer. Keep reading those issues and talking about them! (that's as close as you're going to get from me to a "good job")

    Finally, so... all those times you introduced me on your podcasts as your "Best Friend", were those all lies? Is our relationship built on nothing but non-truths?!?!? ... wait, hang on a second ... my phone is ringing. Apparently this is a call from someone named, "Paul". I better take this.

  3. Glad you made it to Boston Comic Con. It sounded fun and we enjoyed hearing about it. The poster looks great!

    Now, we are desperately waiting to hear of Anj's return.

  4. I am still alive!

    It was great to meet Ryan and talk comics and superheroes!

    And this con is always a blast.

  5. Obviously you are not a committed comic fan, Ryan. A real fan would have went straight to the artist alley, bladder be damned.

    Sounded like a fun show. Cool poster, and a very nice gesture from Anj!


  6. I’m hopeful that we’ll do a Rolled Spine comic convention podcast this year, but we have at least one more coming to Houston that I’ll be attending, so I’d rather do all 3+ at once. Do you and your more con-prived listeners hate me yet?