Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Episode 16: Accelerando

Reviewing BLACK CANARY #3 (2015). Dinah and her bandmates race to their next gig in Keystone while legions of her ex-husband's soldiers try to capture the enigmatic (and extraterrestrial?) Ditto.

Flowers & Fishnets is available for download on iTunes by clicking here, or you can check out the show's RSS feed right here.

Sample pages from Black Canary #3, written by Brenden Fletcher with art by Annie Wu.

Music this episode:
Portrait Records, 1977.

"Speed Kills"
Smashing Pumpkins
Constantinople Records, 1999.



  1. Agree that this was one hell of an issue. In particular I thought the shifts from concert to battle was very well done, especially with music instructions like accelerando mixed in.

    I also thought that the coloring by Lee Loughridge added so much to the story.

    Not all of DCYou has been for me. But this is definitely one that works.

    Now give me 4 more pages!!

  2. I appreciate the craft of this issue, but it didn't grab me as much as you guys. I think I've said previously that the pop group milieu just isn't for me. I guess I was one of the few kids who never wanted to pick up a guitar and get on a stage, and being in a band just feels wrong for Dinah. It's likely something to do with the fact that when I first 'met' her she was middle-aged, and despite being drawn younger than her years prior to the Wizard debacle, she always seemed a woman in at least her late thirties. I get that these days everyone in the DCU is younger, but still, to me she's Roy's 'Aunt Dinah'. Plus, the way Annie Wu draws her, she looks about a decade older than her bandmates.

    Still, supposedly she's packing in the music once she's paid her debt; let's hope so, I like her without a supporting cast of cutely named trendbags.

    That said, I don't want Wu, Brenden Fletcher and Lee Loughridge to do anywhere, they're excellent creators - this issue really is a masterclass in how to tell a story in two time periods, stylishly and without losing clarity.

    I do appreciate the presence of the backmatter, given the shortness of the story, but just couldn't be bothered to read it. I'd rather have interesting questions raised in the story than in a pretendy hip publication.

    Ah Ryan, we're never going to go out shopping for fringed stagewear together - I hate the look Dinah sported this issue, she looks like a cross between a hooker and a scarecrow ... and I've always defended Dinah against accusations that fishnets make her look cheap. Well, ripped fishnets certainly do. And those popsox-length boots and the see-thru shirt on the cover, I don't think it suits her at all - sure, Dinah has traditionally dressed sexily, but she's generally looked classy rather than, how shall I say it, unfinished?

    That minx Maeve is intriguing. She'll likely become Mauve Canary, but I'd love her to have changed her name from Mavis Trent.

    The other month I was wondering why Dinah was dying her blonde hair blonde, but thinking on, I guess she was touching it up - I'm just so stupid.

  3. Another great episode of Flowers and Fishnets. I'm really enjoying your enthusiastic reviews. I also wanted to write to say I'm a Twin Peaks fan too. We're currently rewatching the original series to be ready for the new episodes.

  4. I thought it was a fun issue, though I was surprised at the revelation that Ditto's previous captors used her to give Black Canary her sonic scream/canary cry. Or did I read that wrong? It seems to be an attempt to give Dinah a "daughter" she can look after and thus establish a bit of a family dynamic for the book and create a long-lasting character for her (outside of Oliver Queen and/or her ex-husband Kurt) to draw her into stories or situations that she might not normally find herself in (being attacked by aliens for example).

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