Thursday, November 22, 2012

Out of Context #5: Black Turkey

Thursday is regularly reserved for Out-of-Context updates, but in lieu of the major holiday that we Americans know as Thursday-Before-Black-Friday I decided to offer the full page from the panel above.  Savor it!

From Birds of Prey (vol. 1) #56, art by Ed Benes.
One of the many, many, maaaannny things I love about Gail Simone's work on BoP is that she infused her characters with an authentic love of life and pleasure and, yes, food.

As a connoisseur -- as an aesthete -- as a glutton, I am thankful for this comic!


  1. To me Dixon´s BC was better.
    i loved Simone's Oracle
    i miss Oracle, damn DC..

  2. Thanks for posting, Peter!

    I think Chuck Dixon had a really good handle on Dinah, as her character played to his strengths as a writer.

    I also agree that the DC Universe feels like it's missing something without Oracle in the New 52.