Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trauma Tuesday #2

From Flash Comics #91, art by Carmine Infantino

Disclaimer:  While reading my copy of The Black Canary Archives Volume 1, I discovered the ridiculous trend that Dinah got knocked unconscious every single issue.  Now, I've been knocked cold before, and that $#@% is really dangerous.  Kanigher and Infantino either didn't realize how unhealthy it was, or they didn't care, because Black Canary would have been reduced to a drooling vegetable by her third solo adventure.

I dedicate a regular blog update to the panels showing these injuries to spotlight the ridiculousness and repetitiveness--and laziness--of the kind of storytelling common during this era of comic book publishing.  In no conceivable way do I endorse any sort of violence against women (or men).

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