Sunday, November 10, 2013

TEAM 7 #4

Team 7 traveled to Sentinel Island where some evil mercenaries slaughtered a village of men, women, and children in order to find a secret location that housed a diamond or something that was like a prison for the spirit of Eclipso.  During the fracas, Eclipso is set free and takes possession of Slade Wilson.

Team 7 #4: "Black Diamond Probability: Mission 1.4: The Possession of Slade Wilson" is written by Justin Jordan with pencil and ink art by Jesus Merino, colors by Nathan Eyring, and a cover by Tyler Kirkham.  Once more, the title is needlessly long and unnecessarily, confusingly mislabeled.  It should be "Mission 1: Black Diamond Probability Part 4: The Possession of Slade Wilson" but even that is way too long.

So, yeah, Slade Wilson has been taken over by Eclipso.  He kills the mercenary working for Basilisk and then after blustering to Amanda Waller and Slade's BFF, Alex Fairchild, the team opens fire on their possessed buddy.

Eclipslade is too powerful for the team, though, but thankfully that Essence chick from last issue shows up to save them.  She's a... a ghost, or a witch, or something.  She gives the team time to fall back, but Eclipslade pulls a black, mystical sword out of her.

Cole Cash sticks around, though, and gets the villain "dialoguing" long enough to accidentally step on a land mine.  Cash uses that distraction to pick up the black diamond stone that might control or contain Eclipslade.

Cash and Essence return to the ravaged village where Essence tells the team how Eclipslade can be contained if Waller doesn't order them to retreat like cowards.  Dinah Drake uses this moment to bring up the dead kids that Essence maybe could have/should have saved from the Basilisk mercenaries, because you know, what else do they have to do right now?

Then Eclipslade comes back and they all fight.  Fairchild stabs him and the spirit of Eclipso abandons his human host and then Cash uses the black diamond to trap the spirit in a slightly bigger black diamond.

Slade survives and Waller orders the team's evacuation.  The issue ends with John Lynch visiting Slade in recovery and mentioning Project: Majestic.  And that's the end of the first mission.  Half way to the series' cancelation.

The Characters

  • Dinah Drake is still focused on the dead kids.  It's nice to see her compassion and care, but at this point it makes her seem less cognizant of the current threat and more whiny and girlish.
  • Kurt Lance doesn't do anything noteworthy.
  • Slade Wilson is possessed by Eclipso for 90% of the story.
  • Alex Fairchild is still Slade's buddy, but that doesn't stop him from shooting and stabbing him.
  • Cole Cash is kind of the star of this issue but his actions and dialogue are still pretty generic.
  • James Bronson doesn't do anything noteworthy.
  • Amanda Waller takes charge with Slade being compromised.  Her most interesting line comes at the end of the mission when she says, "I'm not leaving anyone behind. Ever."  Of course, if you know anything about the character, you know how true that statement turns out to be.
  • Dean Higgins doesn't do anything noteworthy.
  • John Lynch is shown for the first time since issue #1, teasing the next story arc.
  • Summer Ramos does not appear, but is mentioned as going to pick the team up from the island.


This issue reads very, very, very fast.  Like, it took me two minutes to read, and I'm a pretty slow reader.  Seven out of the twenty pages comprise three or fewer panels.  Dialogue is sparse and mostly meaningless.  There wasn't enough time to find anything objectionable, or likable.  I got to the end and thought, Okay, that happened.

Grade: C-

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