Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tom Taylor Promises More Black Canary in the Second Year of INJUSTICE

I heard the basic premise of Injustice: Gods Among Us, the digital-first comic based on the popular video game, and I scoffed.  Another superhero civil war?  Haven't we seen the good guys gone dark enough for one lifetime?  Do we really need another Batman vs. Superman?

But because the digital chapters were so cheap, I gave the first chapter a chance.  Not bad.  Because the series continued to sell better than anything on ComiXology, I picked up the next couple chapters.  By chapter 4, I was hooked.  The comic became as addictive as any great television series, due in no small part to its out-of-continuity freedom to shock readers with shocking plot twists and character deaths.

Series writer Tom Taylor gave an interview to Comic Vine yesterday where he talked about the success of the first year and what's to come next year.  You can check out the full interview right here, but I was particularly interested in the following exchange:

CV: Obviously you can't spoil anything, but could you elaborate a bit about what Injustice's future has in store for us when it returns in 2014? Will we see more characters thrown into the mix or do you plan on shining a spotlight on characters who haven't received much attention thus far? 
TT: There will definitely be characters we haven't seen before. Also, characters I deliberately underused in Year One, particularly Green Lantern, will have a big part to play in this. 
Also, if you think Black Canary is just going to go quiet after what happened to the love of her life, you're very wrong. 
And a special group of allies, namely Batwoman, Catwoman and Huntress, may be right there to help Dinah hunt her prey.

I have previously gushed about how much better I like Black Canary's costume in the Injustice comics than her New 52 look--I post an image of her from Injustice every Friday.  But so far I've never felt the compulsion to review the comic here because Dinah didn't have much to do in the first year.  The fate of other characters, though, definitely puts her in prime position to step up and take on a more active role in the sophomore season.

Taylor's comments, as well as the solicits for the second print issue, hint at Black Canary leading a new version of the Birds of Prey.  Can't wait!

From Injustice: Gods Among Us Chapter 25.
Art by Bruno Redondo.


  1. One of my favourite panels from Injustice.

    BC got a lot of action on this weeks episode of 'Arrow' with her ties to the League of Assassins, plenty of scenes. If only the actress concerned wasn't so short[!].

  2. I meant to post my recap/review of the last couple episodes of ARROW earlier in the week. I'll make it up this coming Monday.