Thursday, March 13, 2014

Black Canary Poster by Steve Garcia

My best friend, Shag Mandelbaum from Firestorm Fan, recently alerted me to the artwork of Steve Garcia, whose Deviant Art page is filled with mock posters of DC hero and villain silhouettes.

I love this image of the Black Canary.  I love the outline of her leather jacket and her gloves.  I love how Garcia uses white to line her fishnet stockings and her choker and locket, as well as the inner silhouette of Dinah Drake or Dinah Lance inside.

Garcia headlines each character portrait with a word that's supposed to embody some aspect of the character.  I think by the time he got around to Black Canary, most of the good words were taken because progression isn't all that interesting or applicable.  I suppose it could be in reference to the passing of the heroic identity from mother to daughter, but that's stretching a bit.

Here, too, are Garcia's posters for Green Lantern...

...and Batgirl/Oracle...

...and Huntress.

But these three are hardly the only silhouettes designed by Steve Garcia.  For even more iconic DC heroes and villains, check out the veritable Justice League of Bloggers listed below.
You can see Steve Garcia's work at his Deviant Art page, his Facebook page, his Tumblr page, and his Instagram page.


  1. Mandelbaum? I have a sudden urge to go wassailing. It's after midnight, which is much too late for wassailing. And also March, so much, much, much, much, much too late for wassailing. Thanks for ruining my life as it stands over the minute of 12:41 a.m. Maybe Amaretto can fix the damage you've caused! Yes, I'm pretty sure it can!

  2. I hope you didn't end up in jail this morning for public intoxication...on Amaretto. Should the Ides of March now be the annual time for amaretting?

    As for "Mandelbaum": running joke. Every time I mention Shag I refer to him as my best friend and also deliberately mess up his name.

  3. The Huntress one is fantastic!

  4. Loving these things...especially the Huntress one!

  5. Kinda screwy that he seems to want nouns at the top then bungles and uses "ruthless" rather than ruthlessness. But these are all lame latter day versions I never cared about so it's not for me anyway.