Sunday, June 9, 2013

Super-Team Family: Black Canary and She-Hulk

The last time I posted one of Ross' DC/Marvel custom crossover covers from the Super-Team Family blog, I timed it with the theatrical release of Marvel Studios' Iron Man 3.  This time, I don't have a pop-culture event to use as a convenient segue; all I have is an appreciation for these awesome covers and a fan blog to share them on!

Below is the custom cover of Black Canary facing off against one of my favorite Marvel characters, the Savage She-Hulk!

Courtesy of Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues blog.

Ross' work is, as always, terrific.  This rendering of Black Canary, however, isn't the most flattering.  She looks a little long in the tooth, and the bleached-out big hair coupled with an awful mascara job says truck stop hooker in a way that--ironically--her black leather and fishnets never have before.

Check out Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues for many, many more DC/Marvel crossover covers!


  1. I log on to Ross's blog regularly, to see the interesting team-ups/mash-ups he creates. Pity the site takes so long to load at times. His blog has just been mentioned in the recent edition of my Legion of Super-Heroes APA as a cool site to visit, so its getting some attention.