Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DON'T Buy TALON #9 This Week!

This month's issue of Talon boasted a "guest starring" appearance of the Birds of Prey on its cover.  Well, sometimes advertisements lie and you can't judge a book by its cover, because no such thing happens in the book.

The Birds' resident Talon, Strix, is in the first page of Talon #9.  Batgirl is in the first panel, being kicked off a roof by the Talon Calvin Rose, which is kind of referencing events from BOP #21, but not really because that didn't happen like that.  Black Canary only appears on this issue's cover, not in the book.  None of them have any dialogue.  None of them are mentioned by name.  In fact, the characters are never mentioned directly or obliquely.  This is a regular issue of Talon--I'm assuming--with Batgirl and Black Canary put on the cover in a shameless effort to attract readers.  I wish it hadn't worked on me, but it did.

From Justice League of America #5, art by Brett Booth.
Where Black Canary does appear, however, is in Justice League of America #5.  It's a tiny cameo; in fact, it's only a picture of her, but Dinah is mentioned by Amanda Waller as a possible replacement member for the Justice League of America.

I would love to see Black Canary become a regular member of one of the Justice League teams.  She could use the exposure that a high profile, high-selling title would provide, and she damn well deserves it!  But if Geoff Johns didn't add her to the League during its post-Throne of Atlantis recruiting drive (see Justice League #18), I don't see her upgrading teams anytime soon.

If Dinah did join one of these teams, though, I think she'd be a better fit for the New 52 Justice League of America.  She already has a connection to Amanda Waller from her time with Team 7.  Steve Trevor's unit feels more tactical and militaristic than the larger-than-life icons that comprise the satellite-based League.  For better or worse, Dinah fits into the former category in this continuity.  She would also be an interesting matchup for Batman--better than Catwoman or Green Arrow, I think.  And it might give her a chance to meet Green Arrow, which I don't think has happened yet in the New 52.


Anyway, I just wanted to plug Dinah's cameo appearance in this week's JLofA and warn potential buyers to not waste money on Talon if they're expecting an actual crossover with Birds of Prey.

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