Thursday, September 26, 2013

Super-Team Family: Black Canary and Elektra

Another Thursday is upon us, and another opportunity to showcase one of my best friend Ross' custom DC/Marvel crossover covers from the Super-Team Family blog.  Below, Ross has depicted Black Canary teaming up with the sexy ninja assassin, Elektra, better known as "Electric Nachos" to anyone who saw the Daredevil movie.

Courtesy of Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues blog.
I'm not sure where exactly the Elektra part of the image comes from, but Dinah and the shadowy brutes closing in on them come from the cover to Wonder Woman (vol. 3) #34, drawn by Aaron Lopresti. This issue was the first of a two-part Wonder Woman adventure guest-starring Black Canary.  I had completely forgotten about this story, but I now remember really enjoying the interplay between the Amazon Princess and the Blonde Bombshell.  I might have to dig those issues out and review them sometime soon.

Check out Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues for many, many more DC/Marvel crossover covers!

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  1. yep that was an odd two-parter in WW, when Diana took time out from trying to find Genocide with Dianh to participate in some wrestling match and do a dress-up montage. Still, I liked the [brief] scenes they had together in the pre-Crisis WW book and they look like good friends in the new version.