Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fire & Water Podcast Episode 100: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #200

Soon to be a direct-to-Netflix series starring
Jason Momoa and Robbie Amell.
My first cousin, Rob Kelly of The Aquaman Shrine, and my best friend, Shag D'Angelo of Firestorm Fan, just celebrated a milestone: the 100th episode of the Fire & Water Podcast.  To commemorate this momentous occasion, Rob and Shag covered the epic Justice League of America #200, where the original seven members of the Justice League battle Black Canary and the newer members before they all join forces and fight the Appellaxian warriors form the League's origin.

As a special treat for their followers, Rob and Shag invited several of their regular listeners--members of the podcast and blogging community--to help them recap the various chapters of the story.

For instance, Diabolu Frank of the Martian Manhunter blog, the Idol-Head of Diabolu, joined Shag in breaking down the J'Onn J'Onzz vs. Firestorm chapter.  After that... well, a whole bunch of people I don't care about talked about other characters.  But all importantly, they asked me to come on and talk about the Batman vs. Green Arrow and Black Canary chapter.

Art by Brian Bolland, the guy who drew the origin of Zatanna backup in 52.
You can listen to the episode by clicking this link here, or check it out on iTunes or the Fire & Water Podcast's website.  If you're only interested in listening to me babble about this chapter, you can skip ahead to roughly one hour and twenty-five minutes into the episode.  However, I recommend the whole show, particularly the introduction read by none other than Gerry Conway, the writer of Justice League of America #200 and the man who wrote Black Canary's first and best origin story in 1978.

As a bonus, take a look at this incredible piece of fan art by one of the podcast's regular listeners, Xum Yukinori.

Check out Fire & Water's 100th episode and read Justice League's 200th issue; they're both fantastic!

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